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We’ve been at it for years.

Specialist in marketing print for the music industry

Graffix Digital has specialised in print for the music industry for many years. However, there’s been so much change since COVID and every business has had to adapt. And The Music Industry is no different. Gigs and events cancelled, theatres shut and live performance on hold. In support of the performing arts, we have been working alongside artists with their online sales. We’ve been producing bespoke posters, sticker packs, badge sets and influencer boxes for some of the most iconic singers, bands and artists.
Over the last 15 years we have provided print for the music industry, grown from producing simple flyers and posters for music labels, to offering full blown, comprehensive marketing solutions. Our speciality is sourcing product and re-branding to create limited edition bespoke kits. We’ve re-branded Rum bottles for Bob Marley, created stunning sweet filled boxes for Jax Jones, sourced tin boxes and filled them with a CD bundle along with re-branded boxes of chocolates for The Saturdays. We have even created tie dye kits for Glass Animals and the Vamps.
Whether it’s a new signing you need to get noticed or a promotion for a more established artist, call us for great advice. We’re do so much more than just print, we provide truly unique turn-key solutions.

Music Marketing Print

Print for Music Industry


Specialist Print for the Music Industry

Music Marketing Case Studies

Haven’t been there, haven’t done that, but would like a T shirt.

You release an album and you want to engage with your audience. So be memorable. Let your fan base do their own thing and be creative with you front of mind.
Hello to a branded Tie Dye Kit.

We’ve done loads of these, helping artists get talked about. Designed with plenty of branding opportunities that go beyond the kit. The results are invariably shared across social media.

All our packs are carefully thought through. The kits are comprehensive, with instructions in a die cut wallet, elastic bands, gloves, a quality T shirt and easy-squeeze non toxic inks, all together in an eco friendly branded brown paper bag.

Not just creative thinking. There’s the doing as well.

In 2012 I took a phone call from a complete stranger called Kevin King. He along with Jordan Stokes were the co-founders of Secret 7, an organisation set up to raise money for charity. The idea was to bring together his two main passions, music and art to raise money for a worthy cause.

Like every great idea, they seem very simple, but the devil is in the detail. Kevin wanted to get 7 musician, singers or bands to record a track and get 100 7” vinyls pressed for each one. Next, he wanted each one to have a unique sleeve to hold them in. Each one designed by a different artist. This meant a single wallet had to be printed for each design. Kevin asked around the music industry if any printers would be able to take on a project like this and was eventually sent in our direction.

We had to look at all the issues that may occur from having over 700 artist using different techniques, sizes, softwares to produce their artwork. We came up with a universal template that everyone could use. We would normally produce around 900 wallets which would get wittled down to 700 for the final gallery viewing.

A few days after the exhibition they would go to auction on ebay to raise Money for that years chosen charity.

Over the past 8 years Secret 7 has grown and many famous musicians and artist want to be a part of such an amazing project.

At Graffix we are super proud to be part of such an amazing organisation. With everything that has happened in 2020 unfortunately this will be our last year.     

Over the years we have taken on more and more unusual Promo projects and now we are the go to print company to produce innovative, creative promo packs.

With DJ’s getting flooded with T-shirts and CD’s a well branded promo pack can have the edge needed to stand out from the crowd and get you noticed.

Have a look of pack we have produced before for other bands and artists.