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The one thing we never ever talk about.

Graffix Digital was set up on the back of our experience printing material for the Financial services. Clients like Man Investments, Janus Capital and Acadian to mention a few have used all our services very effectively.
We have all the security procedures in place to handle the very sensitive information contained in the brochures, presentations, sales decks and investment packs. We understand the importance of NDA’s and confidentiality agreements. With most Financial companies running multiple funds and investments the logistics can get complex. This is something we have been used to servicing for many years, we have fail safe systems in place to eradicate any mistakes.
We are happy to offer a free consultation to discuss how best we can partner with you to supply a seamless service from print through to delivery, safely and securely on time, every time.



Every 3 months one of our investment clients would launch a new Investment Fund. This involved printing all the preliminary material, brochures, case studies, client forms and sales presentations. This would all get collated into sales packs and the distributed world wide. Once the initial launch had been completed we would print and put together more targeted sales packs for potential clients that had shown an interest.

We would also send out monthly reports for all of the current funds. They had over 200 funds and over 1000 investors, some investors had invested in multiple funds. We worked with the client on software that would print each fund monthly report for every client no matter how many funds they had invested in. This was an automated process run from an excel spreadsheet supplied by our client.

Janus Capital really utilised and understood what Graffix Digital were all about. We woved and adapt our services to our clients requirements.

Although they really only printed small runs of sales decks we approached Janus Capital in 2011 about helping them with their printing requirements. At the time that were using another company which was one of many that they had tried in the past. As all previous printing companies Janus were getting let down with jobs being delivered late, the wrong material being printed or poor quality printing.

We took over the account and soon had them trusting us to deliver on time, with the right materials.